PREP (set of 2)

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Unlocking a child’s true potential, level the playing field and stack the odds in their favor during those crucial early years to win the game of life.

(Suitable for children age 9 to 15)

2 bottles, 60 capsules per bottle

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Imagine your child on their best day, every day. Improved mood, focus, concentration and motivation all while lowering nervousness and agitation levels.

Distractions, options, and a young mind’s thirst for constant mental stimulation can leave the brightest child with mental fatigue, unmotivated, and run the risk of missing out on the opportunity provided by a solid education.

Lack of Focus, mood swings, along with the pressures of fitting in with other students and social circles can leave today’s children despondent.

Prep is a delicately formulated cognitive enhancer for the young minds (9 to15 years old) to provide support for core brain functions, focus and concentration levels, motivation to study.

Contained in Prep formulation is a high-quality blend of 26 neuro-protective ingredients, vitamins, and minerals, for the healthy development of a child.

The ingredients have individually gone through clinical trials that reveal their potential of supporting vital brain function. Overall, Prep’s formula works by targeting anxiety, promoting healthy brain cell function and learning abilities, nourishing the brain with vital nutrients and antioxidants that aid learning. It also reduces both mental and physical stress, which in turn brings longer periods of attention span and focus, and supports concentration by calming the mind and reduces distracting thoughts.

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