N’HANCE (set of 2)

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Unleashing your full potential, maximize brain’s performance and protect it against cognitive decline.

(Suitable for adults age 16 to 54)

2 bottles, 60 capsules per bottle


Imagine waking up refreshed and ready to hit the ground every day. Prolonged attention, laser-sharp focus, mental clarity… Breezing through studies, assignments, training routines, competitions.

Succeeding in college or work is getting harder every day. Increased competition, social pressure, more study/work material, more distractions (social media, etc). All of these factors can cause stress, which may lower your cognitive abilities and may make you tired. These make it even harder to stay up, stay focused and retain the information you need to cope with studies or work.

You walk into the gym, ready for the greatest workout of your life, but lacks the mental and physical stamina to finish what you start?

Cognisance N’Hance offers a robust and advanced formula of well-researched ingredients, that may be able to help where the usual go-to’s products have failed.

N’Hance is a scientifically formulated high-quality blend of 20 neuro-protective ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to help maximize your brain’s performance and protect it against cognitive decline.

It was formulated specifically for students and working adults to promote cognitive enhancement, improve concentration, stress management, antioxidation, absorption, stimulation, and energy.

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