Cognisance Sciences Affiliate Program enables you to share your Cognisance product experience with others and earn money when they use the products. This program is based on a relationship marketing model that has been proven to work with decades of industry success. Cognisance’s goals with this system are to empower you to become better than you ever thought was possible.

Our Affiliate Program features easy to understand and achievable goals with generous payouts to help you grow your Affiliate business by sharing our incredibly effective products with others.


Whether its a part-time income built around your current schedule, or a full-time income that can allow you to completely transform your finances, Cognisance Sciences has the systems, tools, and plan to help you make that a reality. Download the Cognisance Sciences Compensation Plan and/or watch the videos to get all the details.


Find a local active Affiliate to work with and join us to become an Affiliate.


Learn about the products, experience them yourself, and activate your Cognisance Sciences business by generating as little as 65 points every month. Download our Affiliate Program for more information.


Once you have reviewed the training modules Cognisance provides, simply share and help others succeed.